Welcome to our tale!

We are Talle and we're building an organization to empower humans. Since the beginning, we've had a passion for humanity and its tales. That's why we can count on an international team with huge diversity and a thirst to learn.

We have a brilliantly creative group!

Here you can find a Graphic Designer, Researcher, Copywriter, Social Media Specialist, Producer, Video Editor, Head of PMO, and HR Analyst. Not to mention our 2 co-founders! However, more than just having roles, we believe that we can, together, ignite knowledge and potentialize connections.

We tell stories about finance, identity, technology but mainly, stories about humans.

We want to connect worlds. To uncomplicate finance. We are here to explore the most innovative, disruptive, and transformative technologies popping up all over the planet.

Even though we are not hiring nowadays, we are always looking for new talent that wants to be part of our tale. So, send an email with your information to drodrigues@talle.co, and let's build a new connected generation that bridges technology with business and human impact.